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Tyler Roope


Tyler is leading the way when it comes to junior golf. Tyler serves as the Director of Discover Golf Canada, a radical and play based approach that introduces and teaches kids the game of golf through play. He is also currently the Director of the LABsters Junior golf program at Langley Golf Academy. 


Tyler has spent extensive time with Discover Golf Founder Richard Franklin; A pioneer in the field of child development through the medium of play. Noticing a large gap between child development-play and golf, Tyler was persistent in finding a way to bridge that gap to create better experiences for all children. After a few years of trial, in 2022 Tyler and Richard brought Discover Golf to Canada; creating more opportunities for golf courses, kids and families to explore what DG is all about. They also joined forces in Portland, running a ‘Family Fun Zone’ at the 2023 LPGA Portland Classic. 


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Most people would describe Tyler as an extremely passionate individual who works tirelessly for what he believes in. His tremendous amount of energy and ability to connect with kids makes Tyler a unique coach. Tyler takes pride in self development and being a role model for not only the kids in his program but also his coaches. A quote he lives by is, “Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.”


  • Top 100 Professional (2021 & 2023)

  • Lower Mainland Junior Leader of the Year (2022)

  • PGA of BC Junior Leader of the Year for 2023


  • PGA of Canada Professional

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