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Q: Which program is right for my child?
A: If your child is a beginning golfer with either no golf experience, or very little golf experience, and/or is between the ages of 5-14+, we recommend our Spring Break Camp, and/or our Summer Camps. Spring and Summer Camps are designed to give juniors a fun experience at the golf course while introducing fundamental skills.

If your child has golf experience through previous camps or previous play, we offer our junior coaching program which is structured to build on fundamentals and skill development in golf.

Q: What is the difference between "Junior Night," and the "Junior Coaching Program?"
A: Junior Night is a free program for Chilliwack Golf Club Junior Members already with experience in playing on the golf course. Junior Night is an opportunity to play a friendly competitive round of golf with other Junior Members. Junior Members are expected to play golf unsupervised for 9 holes.

The Junior Coaching Program is a comprehensive instructional-based program, designed to help juniors develop their golf skills. This program is open to all golfers ages 5-14+ and is run by our golf academy PGA coaching staff.

Q: Is equipment provided? What should we bring?
A: For junior coaching program students and Spring/Summer Camp participants, students are encouraged to bring their own equipment if they have it. For those who don't, we will provide rental clubs if needed, at no cost. Range balls are also included with every Junior program. Please be aware of our club's dress code, including footwear. Also, be aware that classes will run rain or shine, so please be prepared. Bring a water bottle, golf clubs (if you have them), jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

Q: Can my child attend Junior Night if they are not a CGC Junior Member?
A: No, "Tuesday Junior Night" is for Junior Members only. If you are interested in becoming a Junior Member, please contact our Director of Instruction Connor O’Dell at, and we can arrange for a Tuesday Junior Night trial.

Q: If my child is under the age of 12 but has golf experience, can they become a Junior Member and attend Tuesday Junior Night?
A: Yes, however this must be approved by our Director of Instruction. Generally speaking, your child is ready for Tuesday Junior Night and a CGC full Junior Membership once they've played at least 10 rounds of golf and can independently play nine holes of golf with a group of other juniors.

Q: I would love to get my son or daughter in to golf, are there any financial aid options?
A: Yes! Financial assistance is available to those who qualify through an organization called Kid Sport. Here is the link to apply:



We would be glad to answer any other questions!

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